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Insurance Claims Process

Nuvohaus Home Improvement is highly experienced in the insurance restoration. We have approximately 90% of approval rate.This may sound too high success rate. However, since every insurance claims process starts with an extremely thorough inspection, this shouldn’t be surprising. It is all about the experience makes us notice damages that others fail to do so.

Insurance Claims Questions, Answers, & Resources

All our insurance related jobs start with a detailed inspection from our experienced inspectors to evaluate the condition of the roof & siding & gutters & downspouts and determine if there is adequate storm-related damage to justify filing a claim. At Nuvohaus, we believe a thorough inspection (or evaluation/screening) is the most important step of any project, insurance or cash bid. An entire page of the website is dedicated to our inspection process, that’s how important we feel this step of the process is.

Storm Damages Revealed

Should our inspection reveal there is storm related damage, we review the extent of the damages with the Home Owner and discuss options. In the event our Home Owner wishes to file a claim and would like to have Nuvohaus assist with the process, a contract is signed. Our contract is written to protect the interests of both parties. It is explicitly clear that in the event the claim is not approved, the Home Owner is released of any obligation to purchase anything from Nuvohaus Home Improvement and the contract is void.

Roof Storm Damage Revealed

Upon approval, Nuvohaus will be allowed to perform the work according to the insurance scope of loss. All our contracts informs the Home Owner of their 3-day right of cancellation. We don’t want anyone to feel trapped or uncomfortable if they change their mind within the first 72 hours following the execution of the contract.

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Insurance Claim

In most cases, our Claim Manager assists the Homeowner when the claim is made. In the event we are not present, the Homeowner should always inform the insurance Representative they are working with Nuvohaus Home Improvement and wish for our Claim Manager to be present when the Adjuster visits to perform their inspection. Most of the time, the Adjuster will call prior to their visit to schedule the date and time. We ask our Homeowners to record that date and time and also request the Adjuster’s contact information. We then request that our Homeowners contact us promptly to pass all that information along.

Waiting For Approval or Denial

It is important to understand we are not going to show up and browbeat the adjuster or attempt to intimidate them into approving the claim. Adjusters typically have a jam packed schedule and have subsequent appointments already set following our Homeowners inspection. We attempt to assist them by promptly identifying all the damaged areas we found in the inspection we previously found.

In the event the Adjuster denies the claim, we would like to hear their point of view in order to understand their decision. In the event we disagree with their opinion, we will advise our Homeowner who may wish to request a second inspection.

Insurance Claims Process

Assuming everything goes well, the claim is approved. The Homeowner receives a first check within a 10 to 14 days following the Adjuster Meeting. That check will be written to both the Homeowner and their mortgage company. We assist the Homeowner with the documentation usually required by the mortgage company for them to release the funds.

We also review the insurance scope of loss with the Homeowner. More importantly, we point out any essential items that may have been omitted from the scope of loss and discuss options with the Homeowner. In most cases, this involves filing a supplement with the insurance companies requesting the omitted items be approved.

Choosing A New Roof

We bring along numerous materials samples for the Homeowner to choose from. Once the Homeowner makes their roofing shingle & siding choice, and other materials when applicable, we discuss a mutually agreeable date for performing the work.

We follow up with the Homeowner again to ensure the original agreed upon schedule is still acceptable for them. We make every attempt to have the materials delivered the morning of the job to minimally inconvenience our Homeowners. Our Field Manager will spend a significant amount of time on the job making sure the work crews understand the work to be done in exacting detail.

Choosing a New Roof

Our Field Manager will also be there following completion of the job to make sure everything was done correctly, nothing was damaged in the process and to ensure a thorough and proper cleanup was performed. Assuming the Homeowner is available, our Field Manager will invite them to participate in a walk around to point out all the work done and answer any questions that may arise.

In some cases, there are additional trades such as interior repairs that must be performed following the roof replacement. Our Field Manager will continue to work with our Homeowner to coordinate and manage these projects through completion. Once complete, Nuvohaus submits all the appropriate certificates of completion and invoices to the insurance company in order that the recoverable depreciation is paid to the Homeowner.

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Restoring Your Property

Restoring your property does not to be a painful process that results in stress, lost time at work or having to manage your own construction project. Nuvohaus Home Improvment provides an alternative that achieves the results you are looking for at a price you’ll be pleased with. Should you have damage that qualifies as a valid insurance claim, we will complete the work for the insurance proceeds plus the deductible. You know going in what your out of pocket expense will be, with no nasty surprises at the end!

Roof Restoration

There’s a Better Way!

If you choose to work with Nuvohaus Home Improvement to restore your property to like-new condition, you get far more than a crew of subcontractors. We provide a complete turnkey service that saves you time, money and stress!

What the insurance company wants you to do!

YOU work with the insurance company to make sure they assess the damage you incurred properly. YOU get multiple bids to repair the damages. If the bids are too low the insurance company will want you to refund them the difference. If the bids are too high then you pay the difference. Unless you have an itemized bid the insurance company will tell you to keep shopping for someone that can do the work for the price that they set.

  • Confirm that the original adjuster used the correct pricing and did not miss anything.
  • Obtain sub-contractors and verify insurance and licensing.
  • Obtain building permits.
  • Schedule inspections.

Your insurance company wants you to handle your claim. They benefit from your inexperience while you just become frustrated with your claim.

Insurance Claim Delays Deliver Massive Profits To Industry By Shorting Customers

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What YOU want to do!

  • Obtain permits.
  • Schedule the proper inspections.
  • Order materials.
  • Schedule crews.
  • Supervise your job.
  • Submit for any supplements if the need arises.

Once all the work is completed we invoice the insurance company for the depreciation.You save precious time and energy knowing that your home is being taken care of by the experts at Nuvohaus Home Improvement!