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Insurance Claims Questions, Answers, & Resources

“If I file a claim, will my premiums go up?”

This is probably the most often asked question about insurance claims. We have researched this extensively and frankly, there doesn’t seem to be a 100% definitive answer.

The majority of opinions we’ve read and heard about strongly suggest that filing insurance claims resulting from an “Act of God” (hail, wind, tornado, lightning, etc.) will not cause that individual policy holder’s premiums to increase. However, these “Acts of God” usually are not isolated and often are wide-spread in an area.

If you live in an area where there were many claims due to storm events, it is likely everyone in that area will see a rate increase regardless of whether they file a claim (or not). A policyholder should also check to see if they have a no claims discount as that would likely be lost even by filing a claim due to damages from an “Act of God”.

This is why the best approach is to have a competent, qualified and reputable Contractor perform a thorough inspection first before making a decision about filing an insurance claim. Homeowners would be well advised to ignore shady Contractors who knock on their door, advising them to file an insurance claim because there has been storm activity in their area; or because their neighbors filed a claim and was approved.

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Approved or Denied

Whether a claim is approved or denied, most insurance companies still consider it as a filed claim. Unless you have storm damage that requires immediate mitigation, inspect first, file later. Should you wish to have a trained Inspector look at your roof, read more about our inspectionsor request an inspection from us.

In addition to our process insurance claim info, take a look at one of the better articles we’ve read regarding the effects of filing a claim for your homeowners. This is from a neutral third party so it’s not just our opinion.

Contractors General Liability and Workman’s Compensation

We couldn’t imagine going to any job, large or small, without General Liability or Workman’s Compensation Insurance. Homeowners would be astounded at how many Contractors are not properly insured, or have no insurance at all, especially roofing companies as the rates are so expensive. This should be the first question a Homeowner asks when considering potential contractors. This is so important, our website dedicates a specific page to it.

workmans compensation information

workman’s compensation information

Some common Questions Customers Have Regarding Contractors General Liability and Workman’s Compensation.

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